Tracy Gregory tells it like it is! Through her writing, she brings into being the experiences we all share. We all have a story to tell. Tracy takes the story and breathes life into the pages that speak to the reader. When the story is difficult to communicate, Tracy finds the words that recreate and present the story of the time.

Tracy’s ability to communicate the written word comes from her introverted nature. Having been born into a family that quickly grew to eight children, she learned to become invisible while entertaining herself by writing stories. She remained in the shadows attempting to make things easier for the younger children who needed attention and assistance. She excelled in academics and became involved in many school activities as she searched for the perfect outlet for her creative focus. She graduated into the world with the ability to communicate the written word by sharing poetry, short stories and eventually novels. Many years later she continues to share her craft with the world.

Tracy is the author of “A Dangerous Truth,” “Ways of War,” a series of poetry, as well as multiple short stories.  She grew up in Alaska and lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two adult daughters. She is the Author of the blog site TracesofTracyGregory.


Photos by Susan Oliveira Walker